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WHAT IS THE IMPACT OF £1 A WEEK CLUB? 2.7; One in 30 babies dies in the first month of life in Uganda (WHO, UNICEF 2015) and every day, 15 women die in Uganda from pregnancy and childbirth-related causes. It is estimated that each year in Uganda app...See more
Simon Henry Opio-Emuna posted a project update for A £1 a week donation can save and transform the life of a child. This is your hospital. Together let's make a lasting legacy by building a hospital with a £1 a week donation. Thank you for donating.
16 December 2020, 14:51
Marjorie Moxon Maternity Unit in Alemere Medical Aid Uganda Community Health Centre will be completed by this week. It will begin to offer maternal and child healthcare services by next week to the rural communities of Alemere, Amolatar District Nort...See more
Simon Henry Opio-Emuna posted a project update for EduCare Project
05 September 2020, 20:57
We have received donations of science laboratory equipment, educational equipment, textbooks, chairs, desks worth, filling cabinets etc worth over £50,000. We have also received donations over £7,000 to cover the cost of shipping the container to Li...See more
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