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The Family Counselling Trust (FCT) is a UK registered mental health charity providing crucial early intervention psychological support to children and young people (up to age 18) from families predominantly on low incomes, whilst remaining accessible...See more
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Help fund counselling for children & young people from low income families

Help fund counselling for children & young people from low income families

opportunity-location 10 Winter's Ln, Portesham, Weymouth DT3 4ES, UK
opportunity-dates 28 Sep 2021 - 28 Sep 2022
FCT is currently receiving high levels of referrals, an increase in need especially due to the pandemic with ever growing levels of complexity per case (average 3 conditions) - conditions which statutory services do not serve. These mental health challenges become worse if the families are unable to access the prompt support needed. From our data, children & their families are presenting with: Increasing levels of anxiety (also linked to Covid-19); depression; self-harm; family relationship issues/breakdown; exposure to domestic violence; extreme anger; obsessional behaviour; ADHD; autistic spectrum; bullying; trauma; eating, sleeping problems; developmental impairment; peer problems; bereavement; other forms of abuse. (Often a combination of these factors) We are seeing children as young as 4 years old (and up to 18 years) – average age for FCT is 11 years. NHS study before the latest national lockdown (January 2021) found one in six children had a probable mental health condition and said it is highly likely that the level of underlying mental health problems will remain significantly higher as a result of the pandemic. We need your help to respond to this increasing need.
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Delivering Counselling Services for Children & Young People

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The wider families and context of the child receiving psychological services

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