corporate social responsibility

Sustainability is easily one of the defining issues facing businesses today. Resource scarcity, waste, and environmental impact are problems we can’t ignore. As a result, companies are under increasing pressure to find more renewable and environmentally friendly solutions. This is why an increasing number of businesses are changing how they work to try and enter the “circular economy.” 

Cause marketing has emerged as a powerful strategy that combines business objectives with social responsibility, providing a real incentive for businesses to make a positive impact on society. At it’s core, cause marketing is when a for-profit business seeks to advocate for a social cause, often collaborating with a nonprofit, while increasing profits and enhancing their reputation.

As businesses increasingly recognise their role in creating positive social impact, many have established corporate foundations to drive their philanthropic efforts. These foundations serve as powerful tools for companies to contribute to making the world a better place, typically focusing on social issues like education, healthcare, environmental conservation, and poverty alleviation.

Corporate and employee fundraising if one of the main ways businesses engage with local causes and their teams. It is the easiest way to gather your teams, do something fun and use the power of your friends, family, and colleagues to do something good. From running marathons to rowing and cycling challenges, it is an amazingly efficient way to collect donations and build the team spirit. 

You spend the majority of your waking hours working. As an employee, you should be feeling purposeful at the office or at least have a decadent cup of coffee available.

One of the features of the life of Blackfriars Settlement is the frequent visits by individuals or teams of volunteers; fulfilling the widest array of activities imaginable. I want to record our most grateful thanks to all those from our Corporate Sponsors who have given their time, imagination and commitment to support our work.