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Story of INARA

INARA helps war-wounded children when no one else can. They step in to fill the gaps in access to medical treatment when not provided by other institutions or non-profits, including financial assistance where needed. They do not compete with, but complement pre-existing medical facilities by building partnerships in order to secure reduced or pro bono care.

Walk The Talk

Walk The Talk is a philanthropy circle for a new generation keen to meet leaders, build a network and get involved in impactful solutions. With a focus on key challenges to meet the UN goals, Walk The Talk organises events and enables budding philanthropists to invest time and money in impactful projects. Walk The Talk Foundation is a restricted fund under the auspice of KindLink, registered charity #1177210.See other opportunities to help us here. Follow the latest events and trends in the philanthropy space hereCharity Registration No. 1177210

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Pierre donated £130.00 on 2019/6/10 at 6:44.

"Having met so many children whose lives have been wrecked by conflict in Iraq, I know this is a great cause"

richard donated £2,000.00+ £500.00 on 2019/6/4 at 15:0.

A. Farid donated £200.00+ £50.00 on 2019/6/3 at 21:18.

Anonymous donated £100.00+ £25.00 on 2019/6/3 at 9:2.

Anonymous donated £150.00+ £37.50 on 2019/5/30 at 9:58.

Caroline donated £130.00 on 2019/5/29 at 18:20.

"From INARA and Clarissa"

Karine donated £130.00 on 2019/5/29 at 16:10.