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July 24th - Meridian Pull - UK Energy Challenge TEAM CAPTAIN: Rachel Masters CREW: Rebecca Bruce, Jane Gibbs, Peter Henderson, Sheila McGhee, Chris Middleton, George Sturgess Unsinkable from Mercer are taking on the Meridian Pull Challenge on 24th July, rowing 8.5 miles along the Thames. Last year a team from Mercer had the opportunity to get involved in a Volunteer Day at the Ahoy Centre in Deptford, which was a fantastic day. Everyone was very welcoming - those that worked or volunteered at the centre and those that go along to the centre. We were able to see and hear about the great work Ahoy do with young disadvantaged and vulnerable people. At the end of our day we were asked if we could get a team of 6 together for a rowing challenge, how could we refuse! We have 6 very keen colleagues from Mercer signed up for this challenge – with varying degrees of ability for rowing! One thing we all have is the enthusiasm to take on this challenge and support such a fantastic charity. Meet the team: Rachel Masters – very enthusiastic and really wanted to participate in this challenge and support such a fantastic charity, only one issue no rowing experience …. Jane Gibbs – this will be a completely new experience for me having never rowed before and I’m not sure the River Thames is ready for the havoc we may cause but I am really excited to be taking on the challenge and raising money for the Ahoy Centre as they really do some amazing work and make such a difference to the people they support. Peter Henderson: Nothing worth doing is ever easy’. Well Ahoy certainly is worthy and given my only experience of rowing was to go around in circles whilst accidentally splashing my sisters new dress (she still claims no accident!), it’s not going to be easy either! A perfect combination, and I can’t wait to begin. An honour to be involved. Sheila McGhee – so excited, passionate about the water and raising more funds to support disadvantages youngsters involved in such a great activity, I have 12 years coastal rowing experience so no pressure then to row well …..!!!! An unfortunate Injury has postponed my involvement with the challenge, but I will be working with the team to help raise as much as we can for AHOY George Sturgess – really pleased to be able to do this for the AHOY centre, having volunteered with the team last year and seeing the great work they do, looking forward to it. Other than a few holiday attempts in a kayak, my only other rowing experience was when about 16… with my girlfriend I took out a small boat with an outboard engine onto the river Hamble. Just going up and down the river, when the engine broke… so we had to row back against the tide! It wasn’t good but we got a tow back and all was then sorted… must have been good as she’s now my wife  Chris Middleton – having been born in Greenwich and lived next to the Thames, I was aware of the amazing work that the AHOY Centre does. I love the water, and to be able to give something back to my local area, with like-minded colleagues, feels like a privilege. Rebecca Bruce – they say if you are doing something for Charity, it should be challenging. With no rowing experience and an expectation to row 8.5 miles along the Thames… I am expecting more than challenge on my hands! All donations will be very much appreciated – you can help make a difference in the lives of the people that receive support from the Ahoy Centre. To find out more about the work of the Ahoy Centre, visit them on ahoy.org.uk. Thank you for your support – if you are near the Thames on 24 July, we set off from Chelsea 18:45 rowing to Greenwich – passing some great sights on the way be sure to give us a wave.

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July 24th - Meridian Pull - UK Energy Challenge

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