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On Wednesday 24th July at 5.30pm, four boat loads of novice rowers from The Guinness Partnership will be taking to the murky waters of the River Thames to take part in the Meridian Pull - UK Energy Challenge. Please support our row! We’ll be rowing 8.5 miles for The AHOY Centre, a fantastic charity based in Deptford that works with disadvantaged children, vulnerable young people and those with disabilities. Our goal is to raise at least £8,000 which will go directly to The AHOY Centre. The rowers, some facing their task bravely, others wondering what on earth they have signed up for, are: Saigal Khalid, Peter Hedderly, Sarah Packman, Daniel Moore, Delphine Merlot, Hugo Drummond, Rob Elliott, Daniel Edwards, Matthew Salters, Natasha Sorrell, Louise Fagan, Adrian Moody, Hannah Stancliffe-White, Nicole Davies, Rachel Fraser,Richard Mkhabela, Jen Ross, Danielle Schofield, Anin Mitra, Rachel Raine, Ros Selby, Chris Treen, Dennis Viljoen, Kate Woollard The race is ‘open to all abilities’ (a fact that some of us may have taken slightly too literally…) but the sun will be shining and all of us are pumped and ready to take on the Oarsome Challenge! So please donate whatever you can to support the charity, help get us to our target and make this challenge become a reality…

The AHOY Centre

July 24th - Meridian Pull - UK Energy Challenge

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"A Great Cause, a Great Effort, a Great team and Great Deal of Blisters! "

Patrick donated £100.00+ £25.00 on 2019/7/9 at 21:37.

"Row row row your boat not so gently...know you will smash it for a fab cause. Good luck. Anannya x"

Anonymous donated £15.00 on 2019/7/9 at 17:55.

"Good luck team!! "

Matthew donated £25.00+ £6.25 on 2019/7/8 at 12:11.

"Good luck to Adrian Moody and the team, from Ray and Sandra"

Raymond donated £50.00 on 2019/7/7 at 19:14.

"Good luck Jen and teammates. You really are oar inspiring!"

Jacky donated £50.00+ £12.50 on 2019/7/7 at 15:2.

"Good luck Ros, and all the other rowers! Xx"

Lisa donated £10.00+ £2.50 on 2019/7/7 at 14:34.

"Good luck Adrian/Dad. Go Go Go!!! Lots of love from Marie and Miles xxx"

Marie donated £100.00 on 2019/7/7 at 12:1.