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Construction Challenge - 7th August TEAM CAPTAIN: Tony Abbott CREW: Rob Brown, Louis Dunne, Gustave Azorin , Padraig McGrath, Simon Platt, Russell Dube, Auduart Reshiti Rowing 8.5 miles on the Thames for The AHOY Centre because we are helping a great Inner City London Charity. Our goal is to raise at least £2,000 which will go directly to The AHOY Centre, a London charity based in Deptford. Share this story

The AHOY Centre

Construction Challenge 7th of August

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Amiran donated £20.00+ £5.00 on 2019/8/1 at 15:38.

Gary donated £50.00+ £12.50 on 2019/5/20 at 9:56.

"Well done guys from all the team at Horizon Controls Ltd"

Craig donated £250.00 on 2019/5/17 at 13:3.

"Good luck Tony and team. Just as well you dont have a Leeke in your boat!! Lucy :-)"

Lucy donated £20.00+ £5.00 on 2019/5/16 at 21:29.

Michael donated £50.00 on 2019/5/16 at 14:24.

"Good luck guys, a worthy cause, from the SDS team."

lee donated £500.00 on 2019/5/15 at 15:1.