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Andrew Brown first moved to Lao in 2007 to set up his hotel, Lotus Villa. In a visit to a nearby orphanage he was deeply moved to see children living in extremely poor conditions and with few prospects of breaking the poverty cycle. Upon graduation most children were destined to return to their villages to engage in subsistence farming. Andrew placed a small information plaque in the reception of the hotel and began to raise funds to support a basic food program of bread and milk for the children. Over time he was able to provide enough food and support so that the children could have safe and healthy lives. He now supports 3 large schools in Northern Lao – in Luang Prabang, Suan Luang and Numbuk – and also has created village support programs to support the poorest children in the surrounding villages. Support Lao Children provides: - Nutritious meals of meat, fish and eggs – often the children’s only source of protein - Medical and dental programmes – to ensure that all children have access to suitable medical facilities - Scholarships –to enable as many graduates as possible from the orphanages to go to college and escape the cycle of poverty. Montpelier Foundation has supported these projects with grant funding since 2012, and also collects public donations for the organisation via this online platform. To find out more about Support Lao Children, visit their website
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"Just visited this peaceful & beautiful country. Happy to give something back. JC "

John donated £100.00 on 2020/1/22 at 11:56.

"For shoes for the children for a year. As discussed with Andrew on a recent visit "

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