Education and empowerment program for Maasai children and women in Kenya

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Support our girls and women empowerment work in the grassroots in Kenya especially in the Maasai community. We aim to offer educational support to young girls, FGM survivors and to empower rural women economically to improve their lives! Giving a girl a chance to go to school and escape FGM and forced marriage is investing in her future and that of her entire family and community! Funds raised through this project will go towards a rural primary school (Moi Eor-Enkitok Primary school) near the Mara. Funds will be used to support girls education, sanitary towels, books, uniforms, equipment and other needs as identified by the school and the community in the area. The school and the community have identified key issues affecting girls to be FGM, teenage pregnancies (Narok county is leading in the whole country at 40%) and forced marriage. If girls are kept in school then the chances of them being subjected to FGM, forced marriage and sexual abuse are reduced thus giving them a chance to progress to higher levels of education. The school reports that girls enrolled at the boarding section do better in their school work. We have been promised by a kind (anonymous) donor that if we raise £5,000 they will match it with £5,000. So, every little helps! HELP US TO EMPOWER THESE GIRLS THROUGH CHOICE AND VOICE! Many thanks for your generosity!
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Mojatu Foundation

Mojatu Foundation is a leading organisation in the global campaign to end female genital mutilation (FGM). We offer support for FGM survivors, reach out to FGM cutters to stop cutting, training programs and awareness raising campaigns, undertake researches and are active participants in local, national and international end FGM campaigns including courses development and declaration of zero tolerance to FGM. We offer training and skills development programs including media, journalism, social media, conversational English, ESOL, driving theory and ending female genital mutilation. In addition to publishing Mojatu magazines in Nottingham, Reading and Gambia, we produce video and audio contents for online and radio dissemination. We are committed at offering authentic community voices. We work with other partners in organising local, regional and international community events to reduce isolation and enhance social cohesion. These include annual cultural, sports and farm festivals. Our media design &, printing services include design and printing of leaflets, posters and other marketing materials plus photography, videoing and editing solutions. Our vision is to transform communities by enabling them to share their authentic views and to amplify their voices. We also help them to source, access and use information in order to better themselves. Our mission is to provide simple, accessible and suitable platform where communities link and engage by sharing what matters to them and by addressing social issues affecting them. In sourcing and disseminating information and in our community work, Mojatu Foundation upholds the principles of integrity, justice, service and transparency which underpin everything we stand for and do. We currently work in partnerships in UK, Kenya, Somaliland, The Gambia and Burkina Faso.Charity Registration No. 01167557


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