Spring Campaign 2020

by London Children's Book Project


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The Children's Book Project aims to address the book gap that exists throughout the UK and give every child the chance to choose and take home a book they really want. We collect books that other children have grown out of, sort and gift them to communities where there are fewer books. We loan each setting a Pop Up Book Hut so that children can browse for the book(s) of their choice and take them home free of charge. We are run on a voluntary basis and seek funds for logistical costs such as van hire. It costs on average £162 to support each school and your contribution will physically ensure we can get books into children's hands.
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London Children's Book Project

We create celebratory book gifting events where children with few books of their own can select and keep a book they really want. This year we will gift 80,000 gently used books to children and young people throughout London.Charity Registration No. 1183092


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