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The Gaza Strip is a small zone (45km long by 12km wide), home to approximately two million Palestinians. So far: -At least 30,000 Palestinians, more than a third of them children, have been killed. - 1.6 million Palestinians have been forcefully displaced, over 70 percent of the total population. The situation is dire, described as the toughest escalation in recent Palestinian history. FQMS supports the two medical schools in Gaza. Our students and their families are living through horrendous conditions. The siege now includes a complete power cut and the barring of entry of food and daily supplies. FQMS will support the students to help them continue their education and the medical schools in rebuilding what is being destroyed. Gaza in figures before the war: -2.3 million total population. -47% are children. -1.7 million live in refugee camps. -Only 1% of Gaza’s population has access to safe drinking water. -53% of the residents living in extreme poverty. -44.1% is the unemployment rate. -80% of the population rely on international humanitarian aid to survive. -70% of the Gaza population are refugees. -All areas in the Gaza Strip suffer from scheduled electricity outages of 12-18 hours a day, while densely populated areas are most affected. -For more than 16 years, the Gaza Strip has been under blockade.


FQMS is a British based charity, founded in 1997, to advance medical education in Palestine. If you would like to support our efforts in this emergency appeal, please consider donating through post or online.

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"Just been listening to Dr Khaled Dawas and his measured and dignified description of what is happening in Gaza right now. We still have to hope that the situation and the genocide will end."

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