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Story of Help Educate 50 Child Carers

This project will support 50 children in Nepal who are responsible for caring for their long-term sick or disabled relatives at home. These children are missing out on their childhood. Most of them are girls and many have never been to school. Sadly, they are often confined to the house helping to dress, feed or bathe their parents, grandparents or siblings. They take care of household tasks including cooking, cleaning and child care. In many cases nobody outside of their family is aware of their situation. Even then, there is no state provision, community support or safety net for them. Effectively, they are invisible to the authorities and to society as a whole. Put simply, their life opportunities are diminished to almost nothing and many have lost all hope. Our aim is to give them back their childhood and help them to enter the education system through community support, home tutoring, material aid and respite from their caring responsibilities. They will also receive support to meet other children in similar circumstances and overcome the physical and mental health issues that they experience due to their caring responsibilities. Overtime these children will build social connections and reduce their vulnerability to poverty later in life through increased social skills, qualifications and literacy. As the first of its kind in Nepal, the project will also be used as a blueprint to extend our work to more children across Nepal and South Asia.

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The objects of the charity are: to promote the relief of people who require care due to physical or mental ill health, disability, old age, frailty, substance misuse or any other cause, in particular (but without limitation) by: 3.1.1 raising the 0001awareness of carers and the general public as to the needs of and difficulties experienced by individuals as a result of their role as carers; 3.1.2 relieving financial hardship, sickness and distress among carers; and 3.1.3 the relief of individuals being cared for by improving the quality of their care and rehabilitation through the provision of training, support and advice to carers. "carer" means an individual of any age who cares for or nurses a relative, friend or partner requiring this help due to physical or mental ill health, disability, old age, frailty, substance misuse or any other cause.See other opportunities to help us here. Follow the latest events and trends in the philanthropy space hereCharity Registration No. 1150214

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