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The Bisi Alimi Foundation advocates for the rights and dignity of LGBT people in Nigeria by addressing public opinion and accelerating social acceptance. We strive to achieve our goals through: Research Through research, we sample public opinions and social acceptance of LGBT people in Nigeria. We also research into the impacts of homo/bi/transphobia on the LGBT community and conduct desktop research into media reporting of LGBT issues in Nigeria. Training We run two training fellowships. The media justice fellowship is aimed at empowering Nigerian media to conduct nonbiased, fair and balanced reporting on LGBT issues. Our legal fellowship trains legal and paralegal professionals on how to provide LGBT legal support and representation. Campaign We develop short video campaigns to create awareness and change the social perception of LGBT people in Nigeria. Engagement We engage with small and medium-sized enterprise and large corporations in Nigeria to create an awareness of the impact of homo/bi/transphobia on individuals and businesses.Charity Registration No. 1168447

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