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Yorkshire MESMAC Group of Services

22 - 23 Blayds Yard, Leeds, LS1 4AD, United Kingdom

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To preserve and protect the good health both physical and mental, of residents of yorkshire, in particular the sexual health of men having sex with men, their partners and families
Yorkshire MESMAC - HIV Prevention

Yorkshire MESMAC - HIV Prevention

LS1 4AD Leeds
01 Jan 2017 - 01 Jan 2025
Yorkshire MESMAC is one of the oldest and largest sexual health organisations in the country. We offer services to various communities including men who have sex with men, BME people, people misusing drugs, sex workers and LGB&T young people and adults. We have bases in Leeds, York, North Yorkshire, Bradford, Wakefield, Rotherham and Hull. Yorkshire MESMAC is part of a group of services. This includes the BLAST! project that works with young men and boys involved in or at risk of becoming involved in sexual exploitation. The OUR and Begin projects are social support agencies for people living with HIV, their families, friends and carers. We also run a number of LGB&T youth groups across the Yorkshire region.
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Yorkshire MESMAC - HIV Prevention

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