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The Butterfly Tree is a non-political UK charity and Non-Government Organisation in Zambia, founded in 2006 by Jane Kaye-Bailey, to support orphans and rural communities decimated by the HIV pandemic. The charity provides funds to construct boreholes...See more
Food Crisis in Zambia

Food Crisis in Zambia

22 Apr - 31 Dec 2019
The severe drought in Zambia has caused food shortages for people living in rural areas, and it's getting worse! Their crops have perished and streams are dry. The Butterfly Tree is distributing maize to remote areas and schools that are in desperate need, but we need more support, just £7 for a bag of maize will last a family of four for three weeks.
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Target Goal £100000
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The Butterfly Tree


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Food Crisis in Zambia

Helping beneficiaries

People living in rural villages who have lost all their crops and income due to the drought.