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This project is extending opportunities for connecting when you're feeling socially anxious or not good enough, through peer support groups, befriending and regular social gatherings, where it's ok to talk and it's ok to be quiet too.
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Quiet Connections CIC

You're wired for connection. Feeling that you belong is a basic human need. But what if you didn't have this? So many people feel anxious in social situations, avoiding and isolating themselves, despite craving connection and longing for a place where they belong. That place is Quiet Connections. Becoming a valued part of our quiet community means you develop a genuinely understanding peer support network, making true friends and supporting each other to take on new challenges and do the things you want. Shared stories helps you to learn that you’re not alone or defective, breaking down barriers of shame and isolation, and providing the reassurance, hope and encouragement you need to speak out and open up to get the support you need. This project is extending those opportunities for connections, to create local peer support groups, befriending options and regular social gatherings; safe and supportive spaces where it's ok to talk and it's ok to be quiet too. Charity Registration No. 10767754


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