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The Walter Rodney Programme @ PET

The Walter Rodney Programme @ PET

01 Jan 2020 - 30 Dec 2024
Dr. Walter Anthony Rodney, who was assassinated at age 38 in Georgetown, Guyana, is one of the Caribbean’s most brilliant minds. His scholarly works and political activism engendered a new political consciousness. His groundbreaking thesis, ‘A History of the Upper Guinea Coast’ (Oxford University Press, 1970), illustrated his duality as an intellectual and activist. Rodney challenged prevailing assumptions about African history and set forth his own models for analysing the history of oppressed peoples. The Walter Rodney Programme @ PET was established in November 2019 in partnership with the Walter Rodney Foundation, based in Atlanta, GA, USA. Its purpose is to improve lives and build capacity through scholarship and programmes that promote education, health and human development from a social justice perspective. It is committed to sharing the life and works of Walter Rodney with students, scholars and community activists around the world. Your donations will support us to pursue projects and initiatives such as: - Developing a book series on lesser-known historical figures from the Global South, whose thought and actions contributed to social justice and brought about radical change - Holding an annual Walter Rodney symposium - Establishing a Walter Rodney Chair at a UK university - Establishing a writing prize for emerging scholars of colour - Promoting engagement with Walter Rodney's works
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The Walter Rodney Programme @ PET

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