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Emergency Appeal: Bundibugyo Floods

Emergency Appeal: Bundibugyo Floods

19 Dec 2019 - 30 Apr 2020
On Saturday 7th December 2019, Bundibugyo District, like many other parts of Uganda (especially the Elgon Region) experienced prolonged torrential rain which caused catastrophic floods and landslides in several mountainous communities, with Bupomboli being the most affected in Bundibugyo District.  Twenty-two lives have been confirmed lost in the communities, with several others still missing and searches ongoing. One woman named Rosette, a mobiliser of the Bupomboli Women's Group, lost her husband and all four of her children in the floods, as well as her house and garden. The Bupomboli GravIty Water Scheme was destroyed, with several pipes washed away and tanks filled with silt from the floods. Please donate to help Rosette and others similarly affected by the floods to rebuild their lives. Pluto Educational Trust, as a UK registered charity, will coordinate your support which will go towards immediate medical and counselling needs; rebuilding houses; restoring and clearing food plots; replacing families' essential property such as clothing, bedding and cookware; and rebuilding lives. Here is a breakdown of costs, provided by the Rwenzori Sustainable Trade Centre: 1. Construction of 15 semi-permanent houses: $6,432 USD 2. Food items: $2,374 3. Bedding: $4,230 4. Domestic Utensils: $910 5. Human resource (staff facilitation costs, including transport to Bundibugyo): $ 2,000 GRAND TOTAL: $15,946
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Emergency Appeal: Bundibugyo Floods

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Bupomboli craft women