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Maridiatu Amir Sulleymana's Education

Maridiatu Amir Sulleymana's Education

01 Nov 2019 - 31 Mar 2020
Maridiatu became enraptured with the career choice of Medical Laboratory Science upon realizing how poor her country’s health care system was without the aid of people in this position. She first realized the importance of Laboratory Scientists running tests when her grandmother was hospitalized, and again when her mother had her fourth child and needed a Cesarean Section. It became apparent to her that there were not enough Laboratory Technicians in her village to fulfill the need. Although her father and mother both work, her grandmother’s illness took a huge financial toll on her family. Maridiatu works a part-time job to pay for school fees, but her village is taking on the weight of the financial burden of school. With the sponsorship for school, Maridiatu will be able to attend school without placing a heavy financial burden on her village.
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