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Janeth Kunguru's Education

Janeth Kunguru's Education

01 Nov 2019 - 31 Mar 2020
Janeth is in the second year of her two year program toward becoming a Technician in Pharmaceutical Sciences. She feels that her Certificate in Pharmaceutical Sciences will allow her to positively impact the health of those in her community by ensuring that people receive the right drugs in the right dosage and that they are instructed correctly how to use the drugs they have been given. She feels that providing people with the correct drugs can help to eliminate disease in her community, and will help boost the economy in Tanzania. After this diploma, Janeth has dreams of enrolling in a full Bachelor’s program and becoming a full fledged Pharmacist. Once Janeth has an education of her own, she hopes to help others in her community that just have a dream of becoming educated one day, have access to education themselves. She first wants to start by funding her own brother and sister for school, as she finds this to be of utmost importance, as her mother has a difficult time paying for their school fees.
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