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David Badaza's Education

David Badaza's Education

01 Nov 2019 - 31 Mar 2020
Although David has completed a handful of teaching and education certificates over the years and has worked in a school setting quite a bit, he still finds himself facing various difficult situations that he does not have the skills to manage. These situations include extreme poverty of students in the schools, students dropping out due to early marriages, lack of school supplies, etc. in which he does not feel equipped to adequately handle. Obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Education will provide David with the skills needed to adequately tackle the issues on hand that he is so often confronted with in his community. In his application for sponsorship, he says, “I am fully convinced that the above mentioned shortfalls in the political, social, religious, cultural, economic and moral affairs would not arise if in presence of qualified personnel with course content like in the above civic education… With a negligible salary, it has not been easy for me to save money totaling to the payments for a start of the course.” With access to college, David will be able to serve as a positive influence to the youth in his community.
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