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One of our most precious green spaces is the Green Belt around London. As the population of the capital grows it becomes more important than ever to protect it. The green belt is good planning. It stops urban sprawl and encourages the vital regeneration of our largest city. Sprawl has all kinds of negative impacts, including loss of farmland and wildlife, increased car use, and neglect of run down parts of the city that are ripe for brownfield development. Yet London’s Green Belt is under renewed threat from housing development – despite the protection promised in national and local planning policies. We would be extremely grateful if you would consider making a donation to help CPRE London continue its work to protect London’s Green Belt.
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To promote and encourage the improvement and protection of the english countryside for the benefit of the public, in particular through influencing the way that land and other natural resources are used in greater london. Charity Registration No. 802622


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"My neighbouring borough, Redbridge, is under serious threat from creeping development."

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